Ein Dialog mit Volker Beck / A Dialog with Volker Beck

Dieser Twitter-Dialog ist so exemplarisch, dass ich ihn in Deutsch und Englisch verblogge.

Zwar tauchen auch hier die immer wieder gleichen Argumente der Zionisten auf, die Individualität vermissen lassen, doch ist es ganz praktisch, hierüber mal wieder einen komprimierten Überblick zu haben.

Starring Volker Beck

Starring Volker Beck

Volker Beck, Grüne, geboren 1960 bei Stuttgart, ist seit 1994 Mitglied des deutschen Bundestags für Köln (zu meinem Bedauern, muss ich sagen). Dazu für seine Fraktion innenpolitischer Sprecher und Sprecher für Religionspolitik. Aber auch noch Vorsitzender der deutsch-israelischen Parlamentariergruppe des Deutschen Bundestages.

Volker Beck ist schwul. Bekennend schwul. Und für Schwulenrechte hat er sich stets tapfer eingesetzt und dabei durchaus schon mal einen Stein an den Kopf oder kurzfristig Haft abbekommen.


Starring Otla Pinnow

Der Kontrahent bin ich selbst, Otla Pinnow.

This dialog on Twitter is such a show case that I put it on my blog, both in German and English.

Even here always the same arguments of the Zionists pop up over and over again; a lack of individuality, but it comes in handy to get once again a condensed overview.

Volker Beck, Grüne (Green party), born in 1960 in Stuttgart, since 1994 member of the German Bundestag for Cologne (to my regret, I must say).  Also home affairs spokesman and spokesman for religious policy for his group. But also Chairman of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group of the German Bundestag.

Volker Beck is gay. Confessing gay. And he has done well bravely for gay rights , even when he had gotten a stone on the head or short-term detention.

The counterpart is me, Otla Pinnow.

So let’s start.


Beck: Demonstration 12.4. 13:00 through Berlin-Neukölln against homophobia. We have the right to live how we are.


Stephan Lubs: Is it not that you can live how you are? You want a law obligating everyone to see gays/lesbians/shemales great?

Beck: Hostility towards human beings related to their peer group shall not be tolerated, neither from far right wingers nor from islamists or haters from the center.



Pinnow: The worst baiting I ever met in life was from anti-germans („Antideutsche“) and far right zionists. For such people, I only have naked contempt.


Beck: Is this also true for Hamas? #naked contempt


Pinnow: We have nothing to do with Hamas. The continuous efforts to refer to Hamas as an excuse, are just laughable.


Pinnow: Belongs to set ritual by the way. When „nazi“ (as roorback) becomes non-credible, they take Hamas instead.


Beck: Who is „You“? („We“)


Pinnow: Modern Arab democrats. There is Arab Spring also in Palestine.


Beck: What has this to do with forced marriage in Neukölln (cause of demonstration)


Pinnow: You were the one to mention far right, islamists and haters from the center.


Beck: Hamas are not islamists?

Pinnow: Surely they are. But here subject is haters.

Beck: Just that, Hamas are also haters. Objects of their hatred are democrats, the PLO, jews, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people), emancipated women.


Pinnow: „But, but, but look, what he did“ is kindergarden level. By the way, you forgot the zionists. Hamas holds off very. I was not yet flamed by them.


Beck: Send me the link to Hamas Human Rights violations on imemc.org – I did not find anything about that.


Pinnow: Since when is it up to you to order with what IMEMC has to deal with?


Beck: Who defames zionism (home of the jews) as such has a rafter loose or is an anti-semite.

Pinnow: That’s a legal question. And not of some books holy for somebody, but of law of nations. My family are Libyans. Also Libya was once claimed by Italy as their property referring to ancient Rome


Beck: According to the law of nations the borders from 1967 are not questionable. Member of UN – but Hamas doesn’t care about it.


Pinnow: #AskHamas, not me, I don’t belong to Hamas. Of course Israel in the borders of 1967 has to be questioned. At the moment, when she annexes whole Palestine. Then this is no more valid. So depends from Israel. Doesn’t say Hamas, by the way, Kerry said.


Beck: They are also to be questioned when you buckle a dynamite belt on. #stupidArgumentation


Pinnow: I hope the father of your thought was not the wish 🙂 I for sure will not buckle a dynamite belt on.
#stupidArgumentation well, when you just say it yourself – no objections.


Beck: And Israel did not annex West Bank and Gaza.


Pinnow: The far right zionists should recant the belief that one can change facts with words. The West Bank is officially acknowledged occupied. Who wants to speak against that, is doing like in the old car driver joke: watch there is a wrong-way-driver on the highway. – One? Ten, twenty, fifty, hundred! – Gaza is called the biggest open air prison. Since when are prisoner camps autonomic?


Beck: You know the difference between occupied and annexed?


Surely. But to abrogate facts is like some German right wingers (group Reichsdeutsche) and similar figures do. They say there is no German state because there is no peace treaty. And homelands are against law of nations as well.


What is called how from whom is irrelevant.


That’s it. Who builds settlements and establishes homelands, annexes and wants to stay. And East Jerusalem  is even very officially claimed as annexed.

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