What are Semites?

No, we must not go back to Adam and Eve.

But to Noah.

After the Flood the story was by the way largely taken over from a Babylonian story three sons of Noah survived, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. They were assumed to be the ancestors of all mankind; Bible-believing Christians still defend this belief. So do not think that it is ancient, long-forgotten stuff.

The Tora has a genealogy, according to which everything, that the Hebrews at that time knew of peoples, was led from Shem, Ham, and Japheth: Shem themselves and recognized relationship, and Ham all who were dark-skinned and also the people from Canaan, Japhet all who lived in the West. Roughly divided. This division remained in science to the early modern period. With the discovery of other cultures, China, Japan, Indian, however, this ethnography‘, like many other biblical doctrine, became untrustworthy.

Let’s start with Ham, whose alleged descendants had to suffer the most . Ham should have gone into Noah’s tent when he slept : naked. Whether this is a euphemistic translation error , has little significance for at least 2,500 years believed history. Crucial : Ham was cursed for it, and – made ​​black, so dark-skinned. As with all of his descendants. Whereas dark is relative , because the ancient Hebrews saw as Hamites also the people from Canaan who belong to the ancestors of the Palestinians , which conveniently led to the recommendation that such a cursed people could be beaten to dead easily . Whereas the Ethiopians are much darker, but were friends , so called Semites . Plane relative. We better don’t ask to what extent this ‚ religious ‚ faith could apply to Jewish fundamentalists still .

The Christians of course took this over . The result was at best the cute black boy servant , because part of the curse was, that Ham’s descendants had to serve the descendants of the other brothers forever. The religious justification of slavery in the United States, held high and in particular in honor of the pious Ku Klux Klan. And this belief is still in the U.S., because first there is a significant number of evangelical fundamentalists and secondly, it surely appears to many as practical.

The next one is Japhet .The Europeans assigned themselves to as the progenitor . In the heyday of colonialism , a Russian researcher resumed all the nations up to the Far East under the supposedly superior Japhethites who should be able to do everything better . The Soviets adepted it and sided with all sorts brillant stuff , until 1950 Stalin ended the mischief with a word of power . Because it was pure ideological nonsense. But not entirely without consequences : the Eurasianism of the fascists Dugin will also be influenced by such rubbish – though not in linguistic terms.

The only thing that has held up in science, are the Semites . As a language family. See Semitic Science , especially a linguistics. Of course it was soon realized that the biblical classification was untenable : the old people from Canaan were clearly Semites . Semites were the ancient peoples such as the Babylonians and Assyrians , a decent semitist must be able to read cuneiform . Today, there are except smaller Syrian enclaves (not to be confused with Syria ! There one speaks Arabic ! ) as spoken Semitic languages ​​Arabic, Maltese and the revived Hebrew.

Now, what about race in this issue? Well, scientifically purely nothing. If you have even only a little idea of ​​the Ancient Near East and its development until today, you know to speak of race is utter nonsense. Especially since the ancient semitic language family probably came from East Africa and then spread from the Arabian Peninsula into a migration of peoples across the Middle East. Yes , according to recent research , the Hebrews originally came from the Arabian Peninsula . And if you know a bit of both languages ​​, Arabic and Hebrew, you also know how closely they are related to each other . In addition , all the people sitting around the Mediterranean contains everything that ever drawn or lost there . Since we’re talking of genes , then probably there is a tiny bit of Babylonian in  every Jew  – however in any Arab as well .

Now, according to old European Christianity the Jews  had the ‚wrong ‚ religion. Starting from the French Revolution this demanded scientific relining to remain credible to the believers in science of 19 Century , who though remained printed by Christian prejudices , mainly due to the onset of secularization. They kept old Sem of course and wanted to speak henceforth of Semites . This, however, did not even hold until the middle of the 19th Century , because Semitists and orientalists already existed, and the majority considered it for a complete nonsense to claim for religious reasons negative characteristics on Semites, which then also should have Assyrians , Babylonians and Arabians , after all grand old civilizations . Parasite without own culture – that did not work . So henceforth only the Jews should be Semites , which of course did not make it better . But Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Semitic Studies are exotic subjects , and though they never recognized the whole nonsense about Semites but for a name for a common language family, this doesn’t penetrate the ahistorical , pseudo- scientifically oriented ‚ normal citizens ‚ . Nevertheless , some of these pseudo- scientists made enormous efforts to ascribe anything Racial to the Jews , some genetic malice . Up to the opposite of a race : for some ‚ anti-Semites ‚ suddenly the Jews should be malicious because they just were not racially pure  , but a mixture – especially because of a high proportion of the supposedly still more evil Armenians. What , however, could not prevail , the Armenians were Christians , so did not work. Here I must ask for forgiveness : so terrible the consequences were, from a scientific point of view you can not just help it but make fun of the Semites – nonsense.

 In the end, even nazi propaganda minister had an ‚insight‘ and announced: The German policy is only directed against the Jews, but not against the Semites per se. It shall be used the term anti-jewish instead. „So also officially  the old Christian hatred of people who refuse evangelization was re-installed.Though the term „anti-Semitism“ may be still in use, with a number of Orient scientists I‚m against it. The term is totally nonsensical and wrong and gelatinizes only the realities. It directs people away from dealing with the actual historical and cultural facts, as required. It directs them not to handle problems of our European culture that cry out for criticism and coping leads.

The term „anti-Semitism“ became an integral part of fundamentalist Zionist ideology. I do not care. What is wrong, has to be abolished.

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  1. abrazoalbatros

    Recommended: this article about anti-Semitism from Encyclopedia Britannica: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/27646/anti-Semitism

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